syneron velashape cover reset sublative tip reload candela

Syneron Velashape 3 or 2 cover reset, eTwo / eMatrix computer reload

With our tested and 100% safe device you can reset Syneron Velashape applicator covers (heads) and Syneron Sublative ID tips to their original state (duration available on them). Our innovative solution let you reuse the covers of your Velashape 2, Velashape 3 and Etwo / Ematrix tips.

This device has embedded on it 50 RESETS. That means that you can reset same cover or any other different covers for 50 times! After you use those resets there is no need to order another device! With same device you can connect to your online account and by resets for a better price!

Don't get scammed anymore by buying new Velashape applicators or Sublative ID tips! With our device, EVELA RELOADER, you can reset your covers and tips to their original state by up to 50 times in offline mode and unlimited times in online mode. That depends by the version of the device you buy initially for offline mode and by how many resets you later buy online for online mode. And yes, you read well! Our device (computer) has 2 operating modes, offline and online!

So, what's the trick with these two modes?
First of all, they have the same scope: to restore your Velashape II covers, Velashape III covers or Etwo/Ematrix tips to their original hours/impulses.
For the OFFLINE mode the thing is simple: our computer (device) came preloaded with a predefined number of resets.
For the ONLINE mode the thing gets more practical: after you run out of resets (but not necessarily) you can quickly reset your Velashape Covers or Sublative ID tips by registering online your device and start buying resets. Without hassle, without paying the delivery tax, without waiting for device, simply.. online! After your online payment gets confirmed your resets will appear almost instantly on your connected to wifi device's screen. Your resets are now ready to use.

Do I need a PhD in Computer Science to operate the device?
NO WAY! Really, no way! First of all, the user interface is very intuitive! Also, we ship the device with the printed version of it's user manual. We describe all the procedures and situations over there. Moreover, we have published the manuals online along with a lot of tutorials (animated and writed) and FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Velashape 2 cover reset computer (recharge tip)

On the right side is the tutorial about how to reset velashape covers.

Velashape 3 cover reset computer (reload applicator chip)

On the right side is the tutorial about how to reset velashape covers.

Ematrix / Etwo tip reset computer (applicator renew tip) - Sublative ID 64 head reset

On the right side is the tutorial about how to reset velashape covers.